Regenerative plant-based down

We develop and technically process cattail (Typha) fluff to replace down and feather fillings with a plant-based alternative. Our stuff is comparable in quality, breathability and warmth and frankly kicks down’s butt in ethics.

Working with nature

We develop textile fillings with plant-based ingredients to create a softer, planet-friendly solutions for warmth, without compromises. Our fillings are forest-free and quickly renewable. The first product is currently under development and in pilot testing.


100% plant-based and cruelty free.

Zero microplastics in washing.

Paludiculture to capture peatland carbon.

If you’re interested in piloting or co-development, get in touch!

Our process

We emphasise regenerative farming methods in our sourcing and process the raw material to create a competitive filling material.

Use cases

Puffy boots
Risto Kirjonen used Fluff Stuff’s filling in his BA collection for Aalto University. The award-winning garments referenced 1920’s mountaineers, and Kirjonen used the plant-based fluff cleverly in voluptuous, puffy boots.

Soft art plushies
Soft art objects by Katja Iljana inspired by the Typha plant’s shapes and stuffed with the plant-based textile filling demonstrate how our fluff performs in a robust and playful application.

Padded bag
Playful puffy small shoulder bag with contrasting lining and tubular form, designed by Laura Rusanen.